Excellence Through Diversity: Quadrant Consultants Inc.


Your Engineering, Planning, Environmental and Aviation Experts

By Dawn Paul, Associate Editor

Serving clients in Texas and nationwide since 1979, Quadrant Consultants Inc. (Quadrant) is a leader in the construction industry, providing expertise in the areas of engineering, planning, environmental, and aviation services for transportation, utility infrastructure, and land planning. Being a standout consulting firm, Quadrant’s experienced staff of engineers, planners, and environmental scientists understand the issues and challenges of public works projects and expertly solves them. Quadrant’s leadership: Vas Vellore, principal and owner, Michael Y. Chou, president, and Peter R. Jordan, vice president, direct all projects and assure high quality. Quadrant turns plans into realities, making this firm more than a consulting firm, but a nationally recognized corporation in the construction industry.

Quadrant’s attention to detail and their reputation around the city, state, and nation is well-deserved. They excel at serving clients and taking care of all project needs with the highest integrity and staying current with the trends in the industry. “Staying current with the latest technologies in our industry allows us to serve our clients at the highest level of excellence. Our team is constantly looking out for new technologies that are emerging and quickly embrace them in our design. This is what our clients deserve,” says Vellore. To help the corporation stay at the top of industry technologies is their hiring practices. Quadrant hires only the best, while maintaining its current staff of highly-skilled professionals. Quadrant will continue to strive in the hiring and nourishing of a limited number of young experienced graduate engineers and planners, exposing and guiding them through the basics of professional consulting services as they become new leaders within the company. In line with this philosophy, Quadrant recently added a FAA Certified Drone Pilot to their team of professionals. The company also invests in its talent, providing opportunities for continuous education courses, seminars, and events.

The culture at Quadrant is that it is all about the client. The team works very closely with clients in the area of design and budget. Quadrant is diligent in finding not only the most efficient, but also the most cost-effective engineering solutions. The corporation strives for perfection, responding in a timely manner to submittals and RFIs. Having high standards keeps them from dealing with delays in construction schedules that can result in an increase of time, labor, materials, and equipment. Quadrant’s professional engineers, planners, and environmental scientists provide a wide range of expertise. Their work speaks for itself. Their extensive experience in all the disciplines is critical to any infrastructure development project. Quadrant’s staff of engineers and planners have put the company on a national platform because of their ability to transfer client projects from a concept to a reality. Chou says, “Before any client signs on with Quadrant, we don’t put any pressure on them or have to do a hard sell. We encourage them to get to know the leadership and the team. We are very transparent with clients, which allows them to see our expertise and experience. Our work and reputation is known not only in Texas, but around the country.” You ask clients about Quadrant, and they say, “Quadrant is hard-working, responsible, and professional, delivering projects in a timely manner.”

Quadrant Consultants Inc.’s client resume includes:
• City of Houston Public Works & Engineering
• Dallas County
• Houston Airport System
• Houston Community College System
• Houston Independent School District
• Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
• National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
• North Texas Tollway Authority
• Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
• Texas Air National Guard
• U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
• Metropolitan Transit Authority of Houston and Harris County

Aldine Mail Route Road

Quadrant is an award-winning corporation, having received recognition from some of the most recognizable agencies, including the State of Texas, Harris County, and the City of Houston. Quadrant is a very active and visible contributor to the business community, holding memberships with American Consulting Engineering Council, the American Leadership Forum, and the Harris County Industrial Development Corporation, just to name a few. The corporation pays it forward to the future leaders of the industry, hosting interns during the summer, providing students with experience in the areas of environmental sciences and engineering. This opportunity that Quadrant provides helps to enhance the practical knowledge of this future workforce.

Vellore says, “Quadrant started with four partners—three engineers and a planner over thirty years ago. Founded on principles of hard work, transparency, integrity, service, and diversity, Quadrant has grown into a successful and well-respected full-service consulting firm serving the transportation and infrastructure market.” From concept planning to environmental assessment to engineering design to construction management, Quadrant provides the services projects require in all stages. As diverse as the team is in skills, talent, and education, they are just as diverse in backgrounds, which allows them to serve a greater number of clients. Quadrant’s motto is “Excellence Through Diversity,” and they understand that diversity is important to today’s workforce and economic growth.

Quadrant is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certified by:
• State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business Certification and Compliance Program (HUB)
• Texas Unified Certification Program (MBE, DBE)
• City of Houston Affirmative Action and Contract Compliance (MBE, DBE)
• Port of Houston Authority Small Business Development Program (SBE)
• Metropolitan Transit Authority of Houston and Harris County (SBE, DBE)
• City of Austin Department of Small and Minority Business Resources (MBE)
• North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (MBE)

Quadrant offers quality consulting services to public and private clients. After serving the public sector for more than 35 years, the corporation’s goal is to serve the industrial sector as well. As a small minority-owned and operated corporation, Quadrant diversifies by offering professional services in the areas of civil engineering, transportation planning, and design, together with environmental studies all under one roof. For more information on Quadrant Consultants Inc., please visit www.qconsultants.com or email qci@qconsultants.com.


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