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RFP730-17049 Study of Finance Departments and Services

Open Date: 03/07/17 02:00 PM   Agency Requisition Number: RFP730-17049

The University invites you to submit a proposal to provide an evaluation and recommendations for its finance operations, including the following departments and programs: Financial Reporting and Compliance, Travel, Procurement, Student Accounting, State Appropriation Accounting, Budget Office, Student Financial Services, Treasurer’s Offices, Tax Accounting, Accounts Payable, Plant Accounting, the Historically Underutilized Business Office, Research Accounting, Property Management, Business Services, and General Accounting. The evaluation would include an analysis of current business processes, benchmarking current business processes to best practices, identifying gaps and deficiencies in current process and policy, recommending process and policy revisions to model best practices, assisting the university in developing procedure and desk manuals, evaluation of current staffing and recommendations for staffing levels, and organizational reporting structure to align with best practices, and assisting the university in addressing recommendations and deficiencies discovered during this review.


Open Date: 03/07/17 02:00 PM Agency Requisition Number:   RFP730-17049
Previous Price Paid: N/A
Solicitation type: 21 Days or more for solicitation notice

NIGP Commodity Code(s):

Class-Item: 918 – 04
Class-Item: 918 – 06
Class-Item: 918 – 49
Class-Item: 918 – 58
Class-Item: 918 – 87


Contact Information:
Contact Name: Jack Tenner
Address: 5000 Gulf Freeway
Bldg 1, Rm 204
Houston,  TX     77204-5015
Phone: (713) 743-5671
Fax: (713) 743-5672


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