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In 2014, Jimmy Anthony and Kevin Davis co-founded J&K Concrete & Construction Services, lending their expertise in the commercial and industrial construction business in Houston and the surrounding areas.  From the beginning, they have focused on helping their clients build strong functional foundations.  This mindset combined with their strong core values has given them success in the industry.

Davis says, “We do more than just site work and lay foundation.  We have experience in other areas in this business, allowing us to successfully meet the needs of a diverse client roster.  J&K Concrete & Construction Services is proud that we can be a part of client visions to make sure that a project is completed to the client’s satisfaction.  At J&K Concrete & Construction Services, client satisfaction always comes first.”

Though J&K Concrete & Construction Services is a premiere company in Houston, Anthony and Davis feel that being consistently hired for projects confirms that their work is recognized as quality.  “This is a competitive business, and it’s great to know that in this industry, we have a stellar reputation for giving clients quality services.  In every project we take on, we strive for greatness.  It is all about the customer,” Anthony says.

Partnering with J&K Concrete & Construction Services provides your project with the experience needed for success. The company combines an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of construction with a unique sensitivity to the programming and function of your facility, while minimizing the effects of construction.  When you work with J&K Concrete & Construction Services, you know that your operations stay on track and your building plans stay on schedule.

J&K Concrete & Construction Services Has Experience in the Following Areas:

  • Patio Expansion
  • Sidewalks
  • Dirt Work
  • Pressure Washing
  • New Driveways
  • Commercial Foundations
  • Residential Foundations
  • Commercial Work
  • Construction Work

For more information on J&K Concrete & Construction Services and how Jimmy Anthony and Kevin Davis can meet your needs for your construction project, please visit them on the web at www.jkconstructionservices.com or call 281-323-5903 or 936-314-1732.  Contact them via email at jimmy@jkconstructionservices.com or kevin@jkconstructionservices.com.


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